There Is Just One Opponent Left for SAFC

Complacency is surely the only thing separating SAFC from survival. With two home games against sides who have disappointed all season, both with poor away forms and ourselves in such scintillating form – if we bring our desire and effort to the table for just two more games we cannot be relegated. [More]

Seb Speculation - Should We Care?

If this question was asked a month or so ago I don’t think it would be unfair to suggest the majority of SAFC fans wouldn’t care should the speculation surrounding Sebastian Larsson’s future be true. Given his recent contributions to the side, and some subsequent statistics, perhaps we are guilty of some harshness towards the Swede...or perhaps he owed us this run of form. [More]

Match Report & Analysis: Manchester United 0-1 SAFC

So Sunderland took a leap towards safety of which the size cannot be quantified. There are two reputations we have upheld this season; taking the scalps of top teams and playing better away than at home. Both of these continued into yesterday as Manchester United were played off the park by an organised, exciting and dangerous SAFC side. This has been a truly odd season, and winning at Old Trafford just about topped it off. [More]