Remaining Positive is the Key to Ending the Season Successfully

Look, if you haven’t already gotten over last weekend’s cup final defeat to Manchester City then it’s definitely about time you did. Don’t have another lie in, have a shower. It’s time to get out of your pit and cheer yourself up. Maybe even throw those lucky underpants that you’ve had on since Sunday in the washing machine, because you’ll be needing them again for Sunday. [More]

Does Seb Still have Something to Offer SAFC?

We can all take an awful lot out of the Capital One Cup final, that includes Seb Larsson, who looked a completely different footballer on Sunday. He looked a player with direction and even some composed impetuous, all of which doesn’t sit with the vast majority of his showings for SAFC. With his contract running out in the summer – is this a one-off or can he earn himself a new deal? [More]

Why Pride is the Overwhelming Feeling

To say that this weekend has been the greatest of my life would be an understatement. After daring to dream for months, the wait was over. Over 31,000 SAFC fans made the long trek from Wearside down to Wembley. It was the first time I’d been personally, and the first time I’d seen my team in a cup final, with the last one coming over a year before I was born. [More]

SAFC 1-3 Manchester City - Football Wins

Usually, this is where we would try and analyse a football match. However, I am far too restricted by emotion to bleat on about anything but the occasion. The Capital One Cup final was absolutely incredible and is something that will never be taken away from any of us. It is time to reflect and enjoy what was such a momentous day. [More]

So Who Will Be Porterfield?

What do you want your club to achieve as a fan? An occasional win against one of the big boys, another win against the Scum, a top half finish, winning the league, a European place, survival or a trip to Wembley and a cup win? [More]