Hull, Villa, QPR, Burnley and Leicester - Can They Save Us?

With ten games remaining in our Premier League season, now seems as good a time as any to evaluate our relegation rivals. If we have learned one thing in recent months, it's that Sunderland might not be able to save themselves. Perhaps there are three teams who may inadvertently save us instead... [More]

Poyet May ‘Think We Played Well’, But Not Everyone Is Convinced

When Sunderland suffered the post Wembley hangover last year and found themselves deep in trouble, I could see what Poyet was trying to achieve. The results weren’t happening, but a philosophy and playing style was threating to come to fruition. At present, his management is an utter shambles, with no clear direction. [More]

Player Ratings: Can Another Slow Start Be Forgiven?

Somehow, for only the fourth time this season, Sunderland came back from a goal down to salvage a point, this time against relegation rivals Hull City. The miserable start was the opposite to what was needed, from players and manager alike, but substitutions proved to be key moments in this one. But can another slow start be forgiven? Have your say and rate the players below. [More]

Match Analysis: Mistakes Made In Controversial Draw With Hull

We’re after that draw record, I’m sure of it. Sunderland notch up their fourteenth Premier League draw of the season, just three behind the 38-game record (four behind the 42-game record) with ten games left. It does end our abysmal recent run against Hull and represents an unlikely point in the context of the game. It’s still been an awful week. [More]