It's oh so quiet; Sunderland transfer talk has dried up, does no one want come? 5 reasons to worry

Anyone hoping for a little transfer speculation to lift the gloom engulfing Sunder

by Brandon_Rawlin Sunday, 14 January 2018 05:25 PM Comments

Anyone hoping for a little transfer speculation to lift the gloom engulfing Sunderland this weekend may be sorely disappointed today. There's precious little sign of any newbies. Hate to wallow in the self-pity but is anyone feeling positive right now?


Chris Coleman has indicated Sunderland must sign at least one striker by the time we face Hull City next weekend but all seems very quiet on the transfer front today. As club and support dust themselves off from Saturday's debacle, the Black Cats can little afford a Cardiff-induced hangover. 

At risk of sounding like another harbinger of doom, there are plenty reasons to worry the cavalry simply aren't coming - and that's without considering the piddling size of Coleman's budget. 

How do you sell Sunderland to a player after the state January has been?

Seriously though, how do you sell Sunderland AFC in its present state to potential newbies? If 2017 ended with things looking as if they could begin a little brighter in the new year, January has been a sore disappointment so far. 

A chastening home defeat to Barnsley on New Years Day to herald 2018 was swiftly followed by a miserable day out for 4,500 Sunderland fans who trekked to Middlesbrough. Then just when it looked as if things couldn't get much worse, a lunchtime hammering in Wales live on national telly has sucked the life out of the fan base. 

Two strikers out, not a soul lined up as replacement

The departure of the club's two senior strikers has few shedding a tear over the exits of Grabban and Vaughan but there is a real concern that replacements have not been lined up. Burnley veteran Jon Walters leads the speculation on the forward front but Sean Dyche has already suggested any loan move will be towards the end of the transfer window. 

Both Vaughan and Grabban clearly couldn't wait to be away and the former got half an hour under his belt for new club Wigan yesterday just hours after he had been confirmed as sold by Sunderland. Chris Coleman has been clear he only wants players who want to be here, but such seems to be the state of the Stadium of Light dressing room, that selling the wretched place to a newcomer must be a hell of an ordeal. 

Martin Bain is "working his socks off" - shudder

Chris Coleman put on a brave - if realistic face - in front of the cameras yesterday and insisted chief executive Martin Bain is "working his socks off" to get a few deals over the line. After the debacle that was last summer's transfer window, one headed up by the Sunderland CEO, perhaps we should rein in our expectations that anyone decent at all is likely to be heading for Wearside this week. 

Bain was quick to boast of his exploits in the summer, claiming the club had been careful to bring in the "right type of player". He also suggested selling Vito Mannone was the correct decision and that loaning out the club's "best" individuals was good for the club. Wrong on three counts then - what faith should we have that he will get it right in January?

Everyone in the Championship is looking for a quick, cheap fix

Aside from the mega-bucks few in this division - which seems to include Wolves in a spending league of their own - everyone in the Championship is looking for a quick, cheap fix this January. 

Every player linked to the Stadium of Light will have a host of other admirers and anyone decent and cheap will have a queue round the block.

The likes of Middlesbrough and Villa are seeking a few quality additions to bolster their Play-off charges and lead the transfer talk, whilst Sunderland appear to fall in a bracket along with the likes of Reading and Fulham - desperately seeking cast-offs in the hope they can resurrect their careers with a January move. Sadly our competitors can offer better prospects for newbies at the moment. 

No pressure, but without a rabbit out of the hat we're going down

One local journalist who had witnessed the humiliation at Cardiff suggested Chris Coleman and Martin Bain now need to "pull a rabbit out of the hat" to bring in enough quality on a shoestring to keep Sunderland in the Championship. And unfortunately he's right. 

Sunderland have collected 22 points from 27 games. We will need another 28 from 19 to reach the 'magic' fifty point mark which tends to be enough to avoid relegation to League One. 

The upwards trajectory in the points-per-game figure collected from Chris Coleman's arrival appears to be over already. Defeat next weekend at the Stadium of Light to relegation rival Hull City is unthinkable - but can anyone see the side which turned out yesterday managing to beat anyone? Pass me a beer someone.