EVERY goal analysed - this is how many points poor goalkeeping has cost Sunderland

How many points have Sunderland’s stoppers cost the club this season? We bring you the answer.

by David_Barwise Tuesday, 13 March 2018 08:07 PM Comments
How many points have Sunderland’s stoppers cost the club this season? We bring you the answer.

How points have our goalkeepers cost us this season?
It’s a question that’s cropped up more than a few times since August – and even more so since Jason Steele flapped like a panic-ridden dodo outside the box last week.

Sir Alex Ferguson once said that a great goalkeeper is worth 15 points over the course of a season.

That’s an outstanding claim, but there’s no doubt that hiring someone who gets the better of a “50/50 opportunity” more often than not could be the difference between a good season and an amazing one.

But what about bad goalies? Ones who inject uncertainty into every situation? Could you even put a number on how many points they’ve bled over the course of the last few months?

Why, yes. Yes you can.

Here at We Are Wearside, we’ve sat down, mulled it over, and worked out the exact points haul.
(But let me quickly explain something… These are the out-and-out-he-absolutely-should-have-done-better moments so some instances of bad ‘keeping didn’t make the cut. Also there were a ton of mistakes made that didn’t affect the points outcome from the game, so we left them out.)

So here we go...

That’s right – a whopping 11 points. Five more wins and a draw. Think something’s missing from this list? Leave us a comment below. There were a lot, in fairness.

To put it another way: Robbin Ruiter throws a point away every 400 minutes, Lee Camp throws a point away every 245 minutes, and Steele throws a point away every 208 minutes.

Not going to lie, I would’ve quite liked those points. They would’ve been handy.

But let’s have a look at how those results would have affected the table...

Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not saying these errors are the biggest problem plaguing the first team right now. But it would be nice to be outside the relegation zone.

You also have to wonder what a confidence boost those wins would have been. Four of those would have been at the Stadium of Light as well, which would have been brilliant (or at least less depressing) for the home support.

But I’m going to stop there before I get ahead of myself.

We’ve answered the question – we’ve lost nearly a dozen points because of goalkeeping blunders – but I want to know what you think.

Did we get what we paid for?

Did our defence rely too much on Vito and Jordan in previous years?

Is it time for Max Stryjek to step into the spotlight?