After months of abuse, much-maligned Sunderland player finally deletes his social media account

Bad news folks, #TeamKone is no longer a 'thing' on Twitter. After months of abuse and two torrid se

by Brandon_Rawlin Wednesday, 25 April 2018 04:58 PM Comments
Bad news folks, #TeamKone is no longer a 'thing' on Twitter. After months of abuse and two torrid seasons, Lamine Kone has finally had enough and has deleted his social media account. 


#TeamKone is no more.👋

If ever a Twitter account neatly summed up the decline of a player and his club, Sunderland defender Lamine Kone's social media presence has been it. 

Launching soon after he was signed for the Black Cats in 2016, #TeamKone started off well enough and was notable for kicking off a little ruck with one of Sunderland's least popular ex-players James McClean. 

It seems like a lifetime ago that #TeamKone was quite a popular 'thing' on Twitter during the season in which Sam Allardyce inspired Sunderland to Premier League safety a mere two years ago. 

But with a second successive relegation confirmed at the weekend, and after months of abuse for some consistently awful showings on the pitch, the Black Cats Ivorian centre back has had enough and has deleted his account once and for all. 

@LamineKone_23 is no longer a registered user on one of the world's largest social media platforms having given us some truly gold moments in the last couple of years. 

More often than not, Kone's twitter presence had become merely a place at which Sunderland fans could gather to take out their frustrations on one of the club's under-performing players. 

Kone will likely leave Wearside this summer, and will forever be known as the player Sunderland rejected an £18m bid for in the summer of 2016 from Everton. 

There was even a petition launched back then, such was the disquiet from Black Cats fans at the prospect of selling him to the Toffees. 

From that moment onwards, the 29-year-old's form, application and popularity with fans has nose-dived and few will be sorry to see the back of him once this season has concluded. And that's despite him really being one of the better players at the club - when he can be bothered to turn up. 

But fear not. The good news is that Lamine Kone can still be found on Instagram.  Fans can continue to follow the big man's holiday news as he ponders his next move.