Is it Kevin Phillips, Niall Quinn or Tyson Nunez? Micky Gray stirs fertile Sunderland takeover theories

Micky Gray's comments on TalkSPORT this morning have sure stirred up a fresh batch of theories as to

by Brandon_Rawlin Friday, 27 April 2018 01:56 PM Comments
Micky Gray's comments on TalkSPORT this morning have sure stirred up a fresh batch of theories as to who is bidding to take Sunderland off Ellis Short's hands. 


Former Sunderland defender Micky Gray has stirred up a fresh wave of speculation with his comments on TalkSPORT this morning. The ex-red and white favourite claimed something is afoot and that there will be "bit of excitement" at the club in the next few weeks. 

With each hint of gossip aired in public, along comes a fresh wave of theories as to the identities of who might be bidding to buy the Black Cats. 

So, is a former player set to be parachuted in to lead the footballing side of the business? Kevin Philips is a name regularly banded about and it seems to have become accepted fact that an ex teammate of Gray's whilst playing at Sunderland is involved with one of the groups. 

Or is it the folks behind north east firm G O'Brien & Sons? How about the unnamed Turkish group who have supposedly taken a look at the figures at Sunderland but moved on take a squizz at Blackpool instead?

How about a combo of all the above led by Niall Quinn with some of his Irish pals? Which other former Sunderland player might be involved with one of the consortiums? 

Stefan Schwarz was a regular visitor to the Stadium of Light last year and remains a popular figure on Wearside and Gordon Armstrong has raised his profile recently with involvement in fan group The Red and White Army, and would have played with a young Michael Gray in the mid-90s. 

Hey, while we're throwing names about. how about former Black Cats 'favourite' Milton Nunez who he announced this week that has no intention of packing in football after playing in Guatemala for several years since he moved on from Wearside? 

The diminutive striker is 45 now and is still knocking in goals in Central America, some seventeen years on from those unforgettable two appearances he made for Sunderland. His has been a long career, perhaps a buy-out of SAFC is the next step on his journey. We jest of course. 
'Tyson' Nunez as he is now. 

Gray's remarks this morning were suitably enticing, particularly the suggestion that fans will get "excited" by news which may emerge shortly. 

And there is growing pressure on Short to sell up and get it done quickly, none more so than from Chris Coleman who continues to press the American to resolve the issue of Sunderland's ownership sharpish so that the club can commence rebuilding the squad this summer.