Obsessed or stupid; why would Newcastle fans want to pay to see Sunderland at the Stadium of Light?

Word is, there's a load of Newcastle fans desperate to pay a visit to the Stadium of Light to watch

by Will_White Wednesday, 11 April 2018 07:41 PM Comments
Word is, there's a load of Newcastle fans desperate to pay a visit to the Stadium of Light to watch one of Sunderland's remaining Championship fixtures. No offence Geordie lads and lasses, but even Sunderland fans wouldn't pay to watch Sunderland at the moment. What's going on?


So Sunderland took the decision not to offer cash turnstiles for last night's game with Norwich at the Stadium of Light and are unlikely to allow pay-on-the-gaters access to the final two home matches of the season against the mighty Burton and promotion certs Wolverhampton. 

The reason - because some kids from Newcastle have supposedly made their gobs go on social media and were plotting the Battle of the Stadium of Light 2017/18 part 2 after they embarrassed themselves at the Under 23 fixture between the two clubs last month. 

The Battle of the Stadium of Light (2017/18) Part 1 last month 

Whey no offence lads and lasses of a black-and-white persuasion, but a visit to the SoL at the moment really is quite possibly the most soulless, morbid, dull way to spend a few hours in the whole of the north of England right now, not to mention the wheeze that is charging visitors over thirty-quid a pop for the 'privilege'. 

Why the hell would you bother? And this is from a Sunderland supporter. 

Tooners or whatever you call yourselves, your route to entry to the Stadium of Light may have been made more difficult as a result of this development, but seriously Sunderland fans really aren't arsed about watching football at SR5 right now never mind you lot making the effort to trek over on the Metro. 

And with next to nobody there last night - as it has been for most of the season - there'll be neeone there to greet you anyway. Unless you have a penchant for goading some empty seats, I wouldn't bother. 

A few black-and-whites might have popped over in 1987 and at other assorted occasions in Sunderland history, but the era of a bit niggle at the back of the Roker End or positioning yourselves in a huddle in the Clock Stand corner is long gone. 

Nope, sending a few teenagers over to sing songs about Rafa and make naughty gestures to the soulless empty shell that is the Stadium of Light would quite possibly be the saddest thing to have happened in North East football since that geezer punched a 'hoss. 

But, never fret. We'll be back. And then the rivalry can commence proper again.