Takeover talk: Sunderland statement hints at resolution; this week should mark another step of progress

Once the pain of a humiliating relegation subsides, the prospect of new ownership at Sunderland AFC

by Brandon_Rawlin Sunday, 22 April 2018 09:34 AM Comments
Once the pain of a humiliating relegation subsides, the prospect of new ownership at Sunderland AFC will top the agenda again, but with mouths clamping shut and precious little substance emerging, it seems this week marks another deadline. 


Knowing you're probably not in the mood for any waffle and nonsense this morning, we're gonna give this to you straight, then you can take it or leave it...

Ok, so Sunderland have been relegated and word is, this week should see another deadline in the takeover talks between interested parties and chief executive Martin Bain acting on behalf of owner Ellis Short. 

Now that the club's fate has been confirmed and pressure will build to find a resolution to the ownership situation at SAFC, it seems midweek is merely the latest step in the process and is the point at which Sunderland have agreed to feedback to interested parties who have submitted tentative bids. 

The statement the club issued last night in the immediate aftermath of such an embarrassing drop into League One naturally confirmed that the future direction of Sunderland AFC as it prepares for life in the third tier, will depend almost entirely on who will own the club going forward.  

There are suggestions that as many as four parties have put proposals for consideration by SAFC but that the nature of at least one isn't entirely concrete. 

Many have suggested that the buy-out process would likely have been awaiting confirmation of the club's league status for next season, but the simple fact is that bidders would merely have submitted two prices to buy Sunderland AFC, one to purchase a Championship club and the other a League One outfit. 

In minutes taken of the recent meeting between Martin Bain and fans' group The Red and White Army, the Sunderland CEO suggested that some level of 'due diligence' has either commenced or been completed by each of the prospective new owners, but that statement probably over simplifies a complex, and often time-consuming process. 

Quite simply, following this weekend's painful verification that Sunderland will play their football in League One next season, possibly the only means by which supporters will be able to find any glimmer of hope is that new owners are lining up to lead the club next season. 

It also seems that the early spring chatter which surrounded this latest bout of speculation - with newspaper and fanzine talk - was at times premature and not especially welcomed by Sunderland AFC themselves. A period of radio silence then will likely mark the next few weeks.