This is rich coming from Martin Bain of all people

When Martin Bain arrived, Sunderland were in their most promising on-the-pitch positions since that incredible day at Stamford Bridge.

by GMac88 Tuesday, 24 April 2018 09:13 PM Comments
"My job is to protect the institution"
Martin Bain - 24/04/2018

Ah, I'm sorry Marty, which institution is this again? Forgive my ignorance.


When Martin Bain arrived, Sunderland were in their most promising on-the-pitch positions since that incredible day at Stamford Bridge. 

Sam Allardyce steadied a sinking ship, injected life into it and made us a force to be reckoned with. During the summer we lost key contributors to the successes from the latter stages of the 2015/16 season. Allardyce moved onto to a romantic wine date, Younes Kaboul was sold and the loan deal for Yann M'Vila ended. The latter, as we all know, was a completely avoidable situation. 

Despite Ellis Short becoming increasingly disinterested in the club, Sunderland found the cash to sign big name manager David Moyes, spunk nearly £35 million on transfer fees in the summer plus however many millions lining the pockets of grubby agents.

As for this summer, one reason the £30 million recouped from selling the world's greatest goalie Jordan Pickford wasn't reinvested into the squad is that we apparently paid out £20 million in transfer fees made up prodominently of deals from previous seasons. Albeit we know that includes £10 million for the player we would never own Ricky Alvarez, it no doubt includes the vast sums spent on the likes of Papy Djilobodji and Didier Ndong under Bain's watch. The latter being a fantastic representation of how poor our transfer dealings were - with the CLUB RECORD signing since unable to get a game for Watford since moving there on loan and being sent off in is final bow for Sunderland.


Ellis Short has much to answer for. So much. However, it's rich for Bain to try and indirectly lay the blame entirely at his door when you could argue he is as cullpable as any for our relegation into League One. He was the 'football man' we needed to run the club, the one with the business smarts and ultimately for the 2016/17 summer he was the man trusted to take this club forward. Instead he oversaw a catastrophic managerial appointment and destructive transfer window all at the worst possible time with Short clearly already considering pulling funding from the club. 

Sunderland were already in massive debt due to previous farcical leadership from Short. That summer was the final blow. Bain also shirked the opportunity to salvage the season - sticking by the clearly inept Moyes - thus sealing our fate. Evidentally it did not just seal our relegation to the Championship, but also our relegation to League One.

As for the facade that he loves a frank interview. In June he barked out the following corker;

"He [Short] is still very much committed to the football club. he still funds the football club and there are many clubs that actually would be envious of having an owner like Ellis Short"

Yet yesterday, Bain claimed relegation meant the owner had no intention of funding the club beyond what was necessary to keep it from collapsing. Oh how envious the footballing world is of us.

So cheers for the chat Bain, but you're not kidding anyone. The institution you are trying to protect today is the institution of Martin Bain, trying to sugarcoat your involvement in this circus because you know you'll be the first out of the door when Short does eventually sell - and who will be daft enough to give you another high profile job?