"Hopefully it won't impact too much" - WAWFP talks EFL Trophy semi-final and who should be involved

It's match, it's WAWFP day!

by GMac88 Tuesday, 05 March 2019 04:54 PM Comments

Would you make any changes for the semi-final?

Players who have been on the fringes of the first team have contributed quite a bit to get us to the semi-finals of this competition. Granted, not every team takes it seriously, but does Jack Ross stick with the lads who have played a lot of the EFL Trophy so far, or keep together the team that is in some fine league form? Contrasting opinions from the WAWFP...


Changes need to be fairly minimal we have struck upon a settled side that has started winning and keeping clean sheets. - Shaun



Yes I would, games coming thick and fast, I would rotate and for more sentimental reasons I’d stick with Ruiter and Özturk. I´d probably give Mumba a miss but include McGeouch together with Leadbitter who I think can’t play too many games at the moment. Morgan and Kimpioka on the flanks and Grigg on top. - Staffan


Do you think the result of the semi-final will have any impact on our league form?

Whilst the competition has no bearing on our league position, the panel are of the general concensus that tonight's result could make an impact on our league performance. The league is going really well, so perhaps a win tonight has more rammafications than the potential Wembley appearance.


Lose the game and it puts massive pressure on us on Saturday to win – win and momentum continues to gather pace along with bigger and happier crowds - Howard



Hopefully it won't impact too much, but there is always the potential for players to try too hard in the league, to ensure (or force their way into) a Wembley squad. - Paul


On a scale of 1-10, how important is this game to you?

The importance of this game is difficult to put your finger on. It's not important like the Capital One Cup final was, but perhaps an appearance in the EFL Trophy final would be a more sentimental affair given the state of the club in recent years. The WAWFP were generally agreed that the game was a 7/8 in terms of importance, citing the feel-good factor as the major opportunity here.


It's not as important as promotion, but keeping momentum going and giving the fans a reward for loyalty in the face of what we've had to deal with in recent years......8. - Howard



Pretty important for the feel-good factor, at least a 7! - Staffan


Thanks again to all of our wise panelists. If this sort of stuff is your thing - having your say - let us know by clicking here and we'll get you involved in the WAWFP!