WAWFP: "Sunderland will be promoted as Champions" - Wembley, May and today's match against Walsall!

We've left our fine panel hanging for 10 days, it's about time we got ourselves in order...

by GMac88 Saturday, 16 March 2019 10:44 AM Comments

1) Our biggest league game of the season so far ended in a 0-0 draw - what were your thoughts on the game and result against Barnsley? 


In the build up to this game my initial feeling was we really needed to win to reduce the gap on the top 2. But looking back on it following the final whistle, I think its a solid point. Barnsley have been one of the best sides we've played this season, so to take 4 points off them is pretty good going. I think it was important just to not lose any further ground on them. Matthew



It's a satisfactory result. We needed to not lose, and we succeeded. The game was pretty much two teams who knew how to cancel each other out. Biggest shame is we lost our scoring record! Ben



Important not to lose win would have been a bonus. Howard



2) You're on the spot. It's 4th May, 19:30, are Sunderland promoted to the Championship?

Mixed bag - completely! Of all our panel respondents, we ended up 50% backing Sunderland to achieve automatic promotion, and 50% that we'd end up in the play offs. That being said, these answers all came before Barnsley's surprise goalless draw with Doncaster last night - so perhaps, if timed better, the responses would've been slightly different.


I hope I'm wrong, but No, we're in the play-offs. Paul



Sunderland will be promoted as champions. Howard

3) If you can only have one: Wembley win or automatic promotion? 


A unanimous response from the panel - with everyone valuing automatic promotion over winning at Wembley. Which makes sense, given the EFL Trophy will never be considered a major domestic title and that appearing in the final feels more like a reward for the terrible time we've endured in recent years.


Automatic promotion..I'm used to losing at Wembley. Paul



If somebody asked to me to take one or the other, I think I would choose automatic promotion. Financially it will benefit the club more to be plying their trade in the Championship. But I see no reason why we cant do both; win the Checkatrade and then use that momentum to break into the top 2. Matthew


4) Result predictions...

Two unanimous responses in one sitting? All of our panel have gone for a home win, with only one expecting the visitors to bag even a single goal! Let's hope it is as simple as that...

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