What have Red Cards Cost Sunderland this Season?

First off, I realise this is all based purely on what ifs. I also realise every team could do this and probably come to a similar conclusion. However, we do seem more susceptible than most to crazy moments leading to unnecessary red cards. Surely this has had an impact on our season and an impact on where we are in the table? Sunderland have received six Premier League red cards already this campaign, more than any other side. So, because I’m at a loose end this evening, allow me to recap them all and mull over how many, if any, points each cost us. [More]

Match Report & Analysis: Sunderland 0-2 Hull City

Optimism was flying around the Stadium of Light as if it was hugging us tightly and promising to never let us go. After beating Newcastle 3-0 again away from home it seemed as if nothing could stop us on our march to safety and what better way to top of the past couple of weeks than to stick it to Steve Bruce and his constant commentary on 10th place finishing. I predicted 3-1 for this and I predicted Jozy Altidore to score too. I predicted Altidore to score a couple...I need to stop predicting things. [More]

Sunderland Vs Hull City: Win, Lose or Draw?

Scores on the doors ladies and gents - we're a very confident bunch this weekend with everyone predicting a home win. I remain the only person to get all the results right...yet I am not top - who made these daft rules up! 1 point for the correct result, three for the correct score. [More]