As crazy as it sounds, not only did Sunderland win - but we didn't concede either. I am still unsure exactly how I am supposed to react in such a situation, but let's hope it's the start of many this season. We edged past a resilient Bury side to ensure we were in the most ridiculous cup draw process of all time. We're playing Carlisle, I think, away, I also think. Anyway, scroll down to rate the players from yesterday. [More]

Player Ratings: Football is back! And we had fun for once...

We didn't lose! Not just that, but Sunderland put in a solid shift against one of our stronger opponents in this league. The second half was more of a stalemate, but we were easily the better side in the first. Ultimately a sloppy goal cost us, but how did the players - including six debutants - fair overall? [More]

Let's pretend everything is fine and look back at the 36 who led Sunderland to Championship glory

What better way to look forward to these season blindly than by pretending it is all going to be okay? In 2006/07, Roy Keane led us to Championship glory and 36 different players were used over the course of that season - can you name them all? Scroll down and click the green PLAY button to give it a shot. [More]

WAW Season Predictions: Annual self-humiliation is here!

Whilst pretty much everything that surrounds Sunderland right now breeds pessimism, it would still take a brave person to predict our final position. A brave person, or a WAW writer threatened with the prospect of their darkest secrets being leaked. [More]

ANOTHER CHALLENGE: Can you name Sunderland's Top Scorer against each PL side?

Toughy this week! We're sick of teams scoring past Sunderland, so our quiz is about Sunderland scoring past teams. Can you name the Sunderland player who has scored the most goals for each Premier League side? 10 minutes sounds like a long time - it's not! Click the green 'PLAY' button to start the timer and have a go. Let us know what score you get. [More]