Cardiff 2-2 Sunderland: Player Ratings

The incredible comeback can't completely cover the cracks evident particularly in our back four, neither can its importance be undervalued. Not only does it continue our unbeaten run into a huge January - but it ensures we creep that bit closer to 17th. It's that grit and determination which could ensure our Premier League survival. Time to rate some players then… [More]

Cardiff 2-2 Sunderland: Match Analysis & Reaction

Now this is all just getting really, really ridiculous. How is a person supposed to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle in tandem with enduring relentless torture every time Sunderland step on the pitch? Incredibly, we play the worst 75 minutes of football since our last trip to Wales, yet somehow score two away goals in one game for the first time this season to rescue a point – creeping ever closer to safety. [More]

Cardiff Vs Sunderland: Prediction & Preview

From absolutely nowhere, Sunderland have set themselves up with a massive opportunity to get their heads above water as early as New Year’s Day. Today's fixture away against Cardiff could see us climb off the bottom and even level on points with 17th, followed by a home game with Aston Villa. So what exactly are our chances of coming away from the Cardiff City Stadium with three points? [More]

Everton 0-1 Sunderland: Player Ratings

The bigger bonus than your Christmas box I’m sure, this was such an enormous and unexpected win. Simple maths would have you realise if we lost as we were expected to we’d be six points adrift. No prizes for guessing who got our man of the match… [More]

Everton 0-1 Sunderland: Match Analysis & Reaction

Wey, we’ve only gone and beaten Everton away. Perhaps we didn’t do it with much panache and we certainly rode our luck throughout the second half – but for once this ride on the fickle lady didn’t end before full time. A win made even more gargantuan by Palace and Fulham’s irritating away victories, but we are just three points away from safety. [More]

Everton Vs Sunderland: Prediction & Preview

First of all, I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas, full of good company, good food and festive cheer. It's back to the grind as far as being a Sunderland fan is concerned and our Boxing Day clash should be dubbed a 'bonus' game, if such a thing can be afforded given the gaping black hole in front of us. Everton expect to win, we expect to lose, everyone else expects us to lose and other than good old fashioned faith there is no convincing evidence to suggest everyone will be wrong. [More]