Would Chris Coleman's Fulham or Coventry records keep Sunderland afloat?

So we’re in the infancy of Chris Coleman’s reign as Sunderland manager. In the short time he’s been at the club we’ve seen grounds for optimism – the more disciplined spells at Villa Park together with the joyous victory at the Pirelli and the clean sheet that went with it. But the Reading game provided a reminder (if we needed it) of the fragility of the team and the mammoth task that the manager faces. [More]

Then vs Now: Just how bad is it for Sunderland

Fortunately, an international break can temporarily take your mind off your own club. That is until a certain former manager happens to casually pick up another Premiership job, and in his first press conference appears to absolve himself from any responsibility of the plight that his previous employer finds itself. [More]