Match Report & Analysis: Manchester United 0-1 SAFC

So Sunderland took a leap towards safety of which the size cannot be quantified. There are two reputations we have upheld this season; taking the scalps of top teams and playing better away than at home. Both of these continued into yesterday as Manchester United were played off the park by an organised, exciting and dangerous SAFC side. This has been a truly odd season, and winning at Old Trafford just about topped it off. [More]

Match Analysis & Report: Arsenal 4-1 SAFC

With just eight days to go until the biggest Sunderland match for many years, all fans were expecting a half decent performance against Arsenal in the run-up. Unfortunately, a highly lacklustre start from Gus Poyet's side meant the anticipation of Wembley would have to suffice in terms of excitement. [More]

Gus is Fed Up - but is a Clear Out the Answer?

Gus Poyet seems to have learnt something about the Sunderland team since arriving on Wearside. They aren't really that good. And, despite having come from a lower league club, the Uruguayan is seemingly losing patience with the squad. With the transfer window open and survival looking a formidable feat, in recent press conferences the Head Coach stated a desire to make some changes in a squad starting to wear him out. However, after the unfruitful fortunes of a destroy and rebuild strategy last summer, the extent of January's dealings must be monitored. [More]

Sunderland Midfield - What is our Best Combination?

With a new system in place at the club focusing on passing, the area of the first XI which holds the key to success is our midfield. With an accurate, sharp and technically astute core - winning games through knocking the ball about would be much easier. There is, however, an ongoing debate as to what that midfield should contain in terms of personnel. It is one of the few areas in which Gus Poyet has some depth and the right group of players must be selected in ‘the engine room’ in order to accentuate the team’s pedigree. We have already seen most of our midfielders take on this style - but what is our best midfield combination? [More]