From Wales to Wearside: Former Swansea & SAFC Players

Well, here we are, the final game in what has been the most nerve-wracking, heart-churning and euphoric season I’ve have ever witnessed. The last four/five games have been incredible and thankfully, come August, I’ll be laying out more Premier League former player lists! So without further or do, for the last time this season, let’s have a look! [More]

Red & Blue - Three Former SAFC & Everton Players

Well here we are again, seems like it’s been a while since we played on a weekend and who better than to face one of our former bogey teams, Everton. Last season, some Italian somehow got us to beat them (I still don’t know how) and eradicate the inevitable defeats that normally follow whenever we play the Merseyside club, it doesn’t help that they have been on fire lately. This weekend it’s only three for you, only three really stood out to me if I’m perfectly honest with you, so, without further or do, here’s your former three players! [More]