Sunderland Vs Hull City: Opposition Analysis

If you were given a choice of two teams to remedy a relatively poor (league) home form, excluding the Mags and Manchester City of course, the smart answer would be Stoke City and tomorrow’s opponent’s Hull City. Like the Potters, they have managed just five points away from home out of a possible 36. So, this should be a walk in the park, right? Hmm... [More]

Top Four Former Players for Both Sunderland & Hull City

Now, I did aim for five former players because it’s a much nicer number. However, there isn’t exactly a wealth of quality to choose from. There is no way I’m advocating ‘the Curse of Kilbane’ or Michael Bridges being part of a ‘best of list’. So, here are our top four players who have represented both Sunderland and Hull City…if I’ve missed anyone who was actually good – please say so! [More]

Match Report & Analysis: Newcastle United 0-3 Sunderland

That’s three derby wins in a row, the first since 1923 and the first double since 1976. Wow. Incredible feat. There was always an air of optimism on Wearside given our recent endeavours and those events which shrouded our neighbours with doubt. Absolutely everything we felt might go our way did. [More]

Newcastle United Vs Sunderland: Win, Lose or Draw?

Well, we did alright against Stoke! Michael even predicted the scorecast but unfortunately the dog ate his betting slip…shame. Martin managed to pull out a cheeky 1-0er too and leads the way. Anyway, round 3, three points for the correct score and one point for the correct result. No prizes for guessing which score line is the most popular in the We Are Wearside camp… [More]