Seb Speculation - Should We Care?

If this question was asked a month or so ago I don’t think it would be unfair to suggest the majority of SAFC fans wouldn’t care should the speculation surrounding Sebastian Larsson’s future be true. Given his recent contributions to the side, and some subsequent statistics, perhaps we are guilty of some harshness towards the Swede...or perhaps he owed us this run of form. [More]

Thank You Super Kev

It is the end of an era. Super Kevin Phillips has, at the age of 40, announced his retirement from football. Writing in his SkySports column, he announced his intention to retire following Leicester’s final game of the season on Saturday, at home to Doncaster Rovers. So here is a brief look back at the career of SAFC’s post-war record goalscorer. [More]

Fulwell End Takes Stamford Bridge

The game at Chelsea highlights one of the big problems with modern football and the lack of consideration given to the travelling fans. With the late rescheduling of the game I lost out on train tickets and brownie points with the wife but by 8pm I couldn't have cared less and by midnight she would have been chuffed I wasn't with her! [More]