What have Red Cards Cost Sunderland this Season?

First off, I realise this is all based purely on what ifs. I also realise every team could do this and probably come to a similar conclusion. However, we do seem more susceptible than most to crazy moments leading to unnecessary red cards. Surely this has had an impact on our season and an impact on where we are in the table? Sunderland have received six Premier League red cards already this campaign, more than any other side. So, because I’m at a loose end this evening, allow me to recap them all and mull over how many, if any, points each cost us. [More]

Vito Mannone Vs Simon Mignolet

Vito Mannone has by far and away been the brightest star in our gritty squad, sending us to Wembley amongst other heroics and I’d be surprised if anyone would contradict that belief. It isn’t the first time Sunderland have relied heavily on the man between the sticks and last season our Premier League survival was almost exclusively secured by now Liverpool number one Simon Mignolet. I was gutted when we lost our Belgian keeper, he was so pivotal to our season, as is Mannone to this season – so who is the better goal keeper? [More]

How Our Relegation Rivals Look as the Window Slams Shut

Clubs in the bottom half had a busy January as they attempted to sign the players capable of keeping them out of the bottom three in May, and before we hammered Newcastle yet again (had to get that in there) there was the small matter of deadline day to deal with. So which clubs were able to bring in the players they needed, and which clubs face a long second half of the season? [More]

We Are Wembley - That Night in Old Trafford

On Wednesday we went to war. We conquered yet we didn't return home unscathed. Injuries were picked up, pain was suffered and we all aged. Boys became men. Girls became women and the unknown middle aged man next to me became a target of affection. Someone I hugged, kissed and expressed my fears to. We shared it all. Why don't I sit next to good looking lasses?! [More]

This Cup Run Deserves Wembley

With Wembley sitting so faintly yet distinctly on the horizon, it's time for the tedious transfer tug of wars and talk of relegation to stop. Just stop. Quite frankly, since Ki Sung-Yeung's immortal winner against Chelsea a month back I've thought of little else than the possibility, however big or small, of wandering down Wembley way in a sea of red and white. [More]