Set Piece Suckers

Sunderland set piece woes have been the prime catalyst for our poor start to the new campaign. Had we defended these with any real organisation or composure, we would theoretically have at least four points on the board. So where exactly has this huge defensive shortfall stemmed from? Well, one person we certainly can’t blame is Martin O’Neill. [More]

Robbing Peter To Pay Paolo

The door of the transfer window has slammed shut, finally silencing the frantic clamour to sign more and more players. Paulo Di Canio will have to make do with the players he has for the next four months. These include not only those brought in but ones he would have preferred to sell and also missing out on any targets that escaped Roberto De Fanti for whatever reason. [More]

The Wickham Man

Connor Wickham is not a teenager anymore, not by a long shot. The time for 'give the boy a chance, he's only young' is over. The excessive referencing to his stellar England under-21s scoring record must now be cast aside. It’s time to expect more. In this crucial, exciting yet unpredictable season for Sunderland AFC... [More]

Sacrificing Sess

Among all of Sunderland's transfer comings and goings, nothing has divided fans more than on whether Stephane Sessegnon should be sacrificed to help pay for a much-need playmaker capable of “unlocking the doors”. There has also been conflicting interpretations about various comments made by Paolo Di Canio regarding whether the arguably most talented player in the team remains firmly in his plans. [More]

Catt Conundrum

“We will see. It depends” Paolo Di Canio ’s response when asked if Lee Cattermole has a future at Sunderland. It could hardly fill Cattermole with confidence that he is required at the club. Even more telling was this quote made before Alfred N’Diaye moved back to Turkey; “In my opinion we need a specific player with specific characteristics in... [More]

Has Paolo Forgotten How to Count?

Has Paolo forgotten how to count? At first sight of the new squad numbers, one may be forgiven if thinking that Paolo Di Canio has caught a touch of the Harry Redknapp's syndrome in having difficulty in counting. Notably missing are 1 to 4. Also eye-catching, Lee Cattermole, captain for the past three years, has been put out on a limb by being given the highest, 33, while none at all has been assigned for out-of-favour defender Phil Bardsley. Not fully sure if an abacus is required but there may be reasons behind the apparent shortage of mathematical skills. [More]