Allardyce Situation to Rumble on with Uncertainty after Today's Reports

Depending on where and what time you look, Sunderland are and are not about to embark upon yet another search for a manager.

Clearly this situation needs to be resolved sooner rather than later with pre-season getting underway last week. Sam Allardyce is still very much Sunderland's manager, though whether we will continue to have that pleasure come the season's curtain opener remains to be seen.

The uncertainty is abundant, even in the national press. Within hours of each other, major and reputable press outlets have reported the polar opposites of this story.

BT Sport and BBC have recently suggested that there has been no approach made by the FA for Allardyce whilst ESPN and ITV have put forward the opposite, reporting an interview is already scheduled for this week. All we do know is that we don't really know where Allardyce or the FA stand on the matter.

For a club like Sunderland, whose recruitment drive and many backroom processes are driven by Alardyce, losing our manager a week into preseason is far from ideal. Something synonymous with our recent Premier League campaigns is our inability to hire for the long term which has led to terrible starts to the season. It would be irritatingly ironic that, after finally appointing for the future, we would be left managerless mid-way through July.

All of the close season transfer plans and tactical musings would go out the window. The club's direction would come into question and players would, naturally, question their future too. What then? Rush into a new appointment and hope for the best? Could Sunderland attract a big name manager with the financial restraints imposed on the manager?

The whole scenario is far from ideal and the silence from Sunderland and Allardyce camps do not instill much confidence that there is no truth in the speculation. Unfortunately, it is inevitable we will be waiting a bit longer.
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