Player Ratings: Does Anyone Deserve a Score of more than One?

‘Dire’. ‘A joke’. ‘Dreadful’. ‘Absolutely pathetic’. ‘Appalling’. ‘Disgraceful’. ‘Bone idle’. ‘Ineffectual’. ‘Embarrassment’. ‘Relegation form’. ‘Sloppy’. ‘Clueless’. Those are just some of the ways our writers described the performance of the eleven that lined up last night against an awful QPR side in an awful run of form and lost. But now it’s your turn! Rate the players below* and let us know how you feel after another mind-numbing display. [More]

Player Ratings: Can You Pick a Man of the Match?

There was an overwhelmingly positive feeling upon leaving the Stadium of Light last night after Sunderland scored twice in an impressive display to beat a disappointing Burnley side. You’ve read our player ratings, so now it’s your turn. Could you pick a man of the match? [More]