We are We Are Wearside


We are a blog and opinion site focusing on trying to waste as much of your time as possible. Whether that be immersing yourselves in our blissfully insightful (ignorant?) ramblings or using our other website features – we are here to be everything you need when it comes to Sunderland AFC opinions!

I’ll get this out the way; we are not going to be the first to report a new transfer link, or signing, or sale. We are not journalists – we are fans, giving fans a place to be a fan. Let me apologise if that made you reach for the sick bucket.

Our bloggers are pretty good, but that does not make them right. We boast arguably the easiest comment system you can get…give it a try below. You can post anonymously or use Twitter, Facebook and Google to log in. Allow me to actively encourage you to comment at all times, we are always on the lookout for your opinions. With that in mind, some of our features are based purely on you and your opinions. Keep an eye out for them - we will need your help!

The site is very new and other than the blog pretty much everything is being designed and developed. This includes a huge database compiling of every competitive match and every player (complete with biography and career history) who has donned the red and white stripes. Please let us know what you think about the looks, functionality and features available – you can comment, tweet us @wearewearside, email us yoursay@wearewearside.com or use Facebook www.facebook.com/WeAreWearside.

Hope you enjoy the site and KEEP COMING BACK!


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