We are just over a month old and its time things got serious!

We hope you have been enjoying the website content so far and today we’ve released part of We Are Wearside’s many faces! You can now search through a complete list of current and former Sunderland AFC players here. You can also see a current squad list here.

All our player pages have the functionality to comment, so if you have any interesting stories or memories about any former SAFC player, please go to our player pages, find that player and tell that story!

We’ve also decided to show you our actual faces! Click here to meet the team and check out all who contribute to WAW.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and if you have any questions or feedback – leave a comment or go to our Contact page!

Thanks again for your time guys, we hope you love the new changes but bear in mind this is the tip of the preverbial iceberg!

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