Guest Post: Many Parts A Match

In our very first guest post - Stephen Brandt, a Liverpool fan from the States - kindly took the time to tell us  his thoughts on the upcoming Premier League match against the Scousers and of course Jozy!

What do you get when you pit one team who has just lost against a hated rival, and another that had just fired their manager? You get the Sunday match between Liverpool v Sunderland. Just like anything else, the game of football doesn’t level boring matches out there. Oh and for American fans, since NBC in the States shows ALL THE MATCHES for each round, Jozy Altidore gets to play a league match without the manager who brought him in. Then add to the mix that Luis Suarez gets to play his first match since he took a bite out of the Chelsea defender. Fun times, YAY?

These are two clubs going in opposite directions, and two different fan bases looking for a result for different reasons. While both have lost recently in the league, both aren’t on the same pace.  Sunderland need results fast, but have a massively hard stretch coming up. Liverpool has a massively easy stretch coming up. They are playing Sunderland, Crystal Palace, and Newcastle, that’s potentially 12 points right there.  It’s that what Americans call, for Liverpool a look ahead match. For Sunderland, it’s the season defining match, albeit at an early part of the year. Ah, the fun of the sport.

In the lexicon of the league, the aim for both clubs are the same, they both want to keep moving up the table, and are looking up at Arsenal.  Which it being early days in the season, though the clubs are at different parts of the table, fundamentally the aim is the same, move up, not down. Sunderland has the problem of having to look all the way up, but no one can say right now that this is how the table will play out. Right now, is Sunderland worse than Crystal Palace? Ok so the only thing that Sunderland doesn’t have on CP is that flipping dancing squad.

Oh and mentioned off the top that American’s are getting into the Sunderland because of Jozy. For a country who has loved the sport for a while, the Black Cats struck gold when they brought him in. Yes Ellis Short is an American, and couldn’t get any of the other Americans in (reportedly looked at Michael Bradley) - but getting Jozy in brings in American viewers.  We want to see him set the EPL afire like he did in Holland. Just please don’t have him go off against Liverpool.

While not prognosticating on this, this fellow writer doesn’t want to see a mauling, or a nail biting match, because football should be stress free and fun. Ok, most people won’t see it that way, but football should be about relaxation and time away from your life to enjoy a game that brings so much fun to the masses. I’m one who thinks that football can cure depression and bring people together. Two fun clubs playing on a Sunday, it’s a good kick in a massive stadium, which given Liverpool’s most recent history, could turn into a boring track meet, and a ref awarding a stupid penalty to Sunderland.

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