Opportunity for Sunderland Fans Bored Over Christmas! (Do Have a Merry One Though)

Merry Christmas and all that. It's gonna be a good day. We won't be around, well we will, just not here, getting pissed elsewhere as you would expect!

Anyway, over the festive period we are opening our doors to some new recruits. WAW are looking for writers, but if that's not your cup of tea click here as there could easily be something else for you here. It's the perfect opportunity for those studying, looking to gain experience or to just fill up some spare time doing something you enjoy. Experience is not a necessity, so please do get in touch.

Interested? Drop us an email, enquiries@wearewearside.com, or tweet us @wearewearside and we'll send you some more info - we look forward to hearing from you!
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