The SAFC Personality Test - Which Sunderland Player are You?


As far as weekends go, that last one was absolutely dross. Cup weekends are always so depressing when we've exited early, then there is that brilliantly timed negative club news etc. Never mind, we've got something to cheer you up today. Or maybe it won't cheer you up depending on the results!

Below you can take our personality test which categorically confirms your personality doppelganger amongst this season's Sunderland squad. How do we know exactly what each player is like? Well, we've obviously completed psychoanalysis of each of them and had deep conversations with their mams too. Click 'Take the Test' below to answer eight very simple questions and be amazed, or dismayed, by your results. 

If you're using a mobile, you will need to scroll a little to see everything, sorry, and if you want to share your results on social media at the end. If you make a mistake or want to change an answer, there is a handy blue back button.

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For those who are wondering, this is obviously a joke and this test is very unlikely to accurately represent you or the player.
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