Moyes criticises Leicester for Ranieri sacking, but is he now untouchable at the league's bottom club?


David Moyes appears to be untouchable at Sunderland, the club who have survived in the Premier League despite the odds year after year by booting the incumbent manager at the right time, but it won't happen this time. Not yet, not this month and not next at least. So surely Moyes criticism of Leicester today belies his own agenda. 

Sunderland, the club who get through at least two managers every season just to survive in the Premier League are playing the long game this time. There will be no new manager bounce at the Stadium of Light this term and relegation may be accepted with a whimper yet. 

You can get odds as long as 8/1 on David Moyes being the next Premier League manager to be sacked. Even if he gets a spanking on his return to Goodison Park tomorrow, he'll still be in charge when Manchester City visit the Stadium of Light next weekend. 

And those odds are based on the Scot having engineered a grand total of five league wins in his six months in charge at Sunderland - the side sitting at the bottom of the league - and fresh from a spanking last time out at the hands of mid-table Southampton. 

So, Sunderland supporters could be forgiven for raising a wry smile today as Moyes has been a vocal critic of Leicester City for sacking title-winning boss Claudio Ranieri. 

The Sunderland manager said in his press conference this morning that he's hoping the Foxes continue their meltdown now the mastermind behind last season's title win has been ejected by the King Power lot:

"Sometimes changing manager doesn't work. There is no big proof that it does. 

I'm hoping they become a bit rudderless. They are out there looking for a manager when at this time of the season, it's all about being stable, keeping things right, picking up points". 

Ironic really that the manager sat three places and two points below Leicester and the man in charge of the club who revolutionised the new boss bounce in the Premier League should be claiming it doesn't work. 

But then Moyes is no fool and not a lot that he says doesn't contain a deeper meaning - to paraphrase : - you won't gain anything by sacking me and I predict Leicester will suffer from doing just that. 

It may pan out yet the way that the Sunderland boss has predicted. There is an awful lot of football still to be played this season - starting tomorrow. But, regardless of how results go this weekend and next, David Moyes will be in charge at Sunderland until at least April and most likely he is untouchable at a club who have wasted the GDP of a small nation sacking managers just to survive in the Premier League in recent years. 

Contrast that with Leicester who have jettisoned the manager who led them to their greatest ever moment just to protect their investment which relies on the Premier League millions. And with every club in the bottom six - who now make up the 'official' relegation battle - having changed boss barring two, now only Middlesbrough and Sunderland remain with the same manager in charge who started the season. 

Aitor Karanka and David Moyes are under pressure - but somehow, it doesn't feel like the latter is going anywhere. 

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