What was Peter Reid doing at the Stadium of Light & what time tomorrow is Sack-o-Clock?


Sunderland now need six wins from the final ten games of the season - at least - to avoid relegation. Ellis Short was amongst the crowd at the Stadium of Light today to witness this latest debacle on his watch unfolding, but so too, intriguingly, was a legendary former boss. Is David Moyes now a dead man walking?

Sunderland matched Burnley this afternoon. Some achievement huh? It could have been so different had Billy Jones not missed the most ridiculous sitter probably ever seen at the stadium. Or if Fabio Borini had hit his shot a bit harder. Or, of course, if Burnley's Ashley Barnes hadn't missed a golden chance in the first half or if Sam Vokes had managed to beat Jordan Pickford in the dying minutes. 

Perhaps those facts alone will have saved David Moyes from the American grim reaper sat in the stands above him. Ellis Short made his first appearance for months at the Stadium of Light to set tongues wagging that the owner may have jetted in to dispatch his latest hapless manager. 

After all, March has traditionally been the month in which Short grips the controls of his beleaguered club and closes his eyes, pulls the trigger, gets shot of the latest incumbent to be making a right old mess and hopes for another fabled Sunderland new-manager-bounce. 

Moyes won't save Sunderland. He might talk about 'rebuilding' but most supporters now can't bear the thought of a season in the Championship with him at the helm. England's second-tier can be grim enough without the harbinger of doom stalking the touchline at what will be a half-full Stadium of Light for many fixtures.  

Season tickets need to be renewed by the 7th of April. It is just possible that the take-up hasn't been great so far. The reasons for supporter apathy, despite glossy heart-string pulling adverts, are obvious but that factor alone may have set Short's purse a flutter and convinced him to show his face and find out just how dismal his debt-ridden investment is faring. 

It is usually a Sunday or a Monday when the man boots his manager. Martin O'Neill was sacked on on a March Sunday, Gus Poyet on a March Monday. Paulo Di Canio went on a Monday too. Steve Bruce, always a bit different, was despatched on a Wednesday however. 

So it might be tomorrow, it might be the day after. It's going to happen isn't it? It's inevitable isn't it? Probably not, but it should be. The man needs putting out of his misery and that cloud chasing from the Stadium of Light. 

Hold on though, what was Reidy doing there today?

Could Peter Reid be the man to lift the gloom? Is it too far fetched to think he could be set for a return? The former Sunderland manager - the man responsible for the best years of the last quarter century on Wearside - was spotted in the crowd during the match. 

Unusual. Reid hasn't been a regular visitor to the Stadium of Light. And he was seen in deep conversation with his former club captain, some-time caretaker boss and all-round 'Mr Sunderland', Kevin Ball. 

It couldn't be, could it? Could Reid be given ten games to save Sunderland skins? Reunions on the cards? Reid and Ball? Reid and Bracewell? Stranger things have happened. Haway Peter Reid, cheer us up. You can't do any worse than the current man. 


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