Sunderland Just Don't Do Premier League Football Well

We covered our general thoughts on David Moyes as Sunderland manager heavily this weekend, Brexit football comments aside. Just 19 points on the board and seven points from safety leads us to the fair assumption that we will be playing our football in the Championship next season. Our odds on survival on football at 10bet continue to increase meaning the bookies too agree that relegation is probable.


Sunderland don't do the Premier League very well. I had an interesting debate with a Burnley fan over the weekend who spoke enviously of our stint in the Premier League. We have managed ten consectuive seasons, which on the face of it is pretty decent, but in truth our relegation has been inevitable for a long time. If you discount the immortal Jermain Defoe, only two players have ever scored more than ten goals in a season for Sunderland.

We have only once managed to surpass Roy Keane's eleven wins in this period in 2010/11, which also represents our only top ten finish. It was 10th, but top ten sounds better. We have never managed to finish a season with a positive goal difference. A win percentage of just 25% highlights exactly why we have constantly struggled in the top flight and why we have had to pull off several miracles to maintain that status for so long. Who knows exactly how many players we have watched over the last 10 years, hundreds no doubt, with very few leaving a positive legacy behind.

As far as poor seasons go, this will probably top the lot. Gus Poyet presided over the majority of the 2014/15 season which has been the most difficult to endure so far, with just 31 goals scored over 38 games and seven wins. Moyes is doing his best to not only emulate the turgid football on display that campaign but make sure that we are indeed relegated at the end of it.

It is true that we have had some truly jubliant moments, the most obvious of which was our trip to Wembley, and that our late survivals brought with them euphoric belief. They are fantastic moments that I'll take to my grave, no doubt, but the Premier League has generally been horrible for Sunderland fans.

Relegation will hurt, a lot. Defoe will be gone and we'll approach the very difficult task of achieving promotion on a limited budget and probably with Moyes in charge. Forgive my scepticism, but however bad it is now may not be the worst we'll see in the next few season.

Believe it or not, I'm usually one of the more optimisic of Sunderland supporters. I even convinced myself Paolo Di Canio was going to be a great manager, for example. Cheers, Dave. And Sunderland.

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