Keep The Faith? Unity In Strength? Erm...

Sunderland have recently launched a new campaign for season cards called Unity is Strength. 

It's basically a short video which is as a last ditch attempt to flog season cards for next season. It shows a bloke going to the game with his dad, then he goes with his daughter. 

The laughable thing is it's a campaign to sell season cards yet it shows 3 blokes watching a Sunderland game in a pub. The game that's showed in the pub isn't even this season, it's a video of Andy Reid smashing home a half volley v West Ham in the 2008/09 season. 

Some will ask is this an attempt by the club to build a relationship with the fans who are starting to feel ignored? Personally, no. I think it's just a last-ditch moneymaking scheme to get people to buy season cards and watch the absolute shambles we get served up. It's based on past seasons and our 'Great Escapes' but frankly, our season looks over with. 

However, Moyes reckons we can still win 4 games and draw 2, despite not being able to beat the team with the worst Premier League away record, at home. 

The question a lot of Sunderland fans are asking is "Is Moyes the right man?" As mentioned on the Roker Report podcast "he cannot be doing that well if he's got a sign saying "Keep the Faith" above his head". 

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