There is Nowhere to Hide for Sunderland Fans I'm Afraid

Author: Gmac

Proper football is about to return. There is no use hiding behind your fingers, it's coming for me and you. Like that dodgy hairline or that oversized mole, it's part of us all. We have to watch Sunderland play again.

I'm not really sure how to feel about the rest of this season. At an absolute minimum, Sunderland need five victories which given the form of our relegation rivals is unlikely to be enough. That's at least a win every two games. It's just not going to happen, regardless of how many KTF campaigns and other bollocks we are regularly subjected to.

Sunderland have spent so long teetering on the brink of disaster and relegation that I find it hard to be angry. I've been plenty angry in the past. I was angry when Steve Bruce deemed it acceptable to replace Darren Bent, Asamoah Gyan and Jordan Henderson with Nicklas Bendtner on loan and Craig Gardner. I was angry when Keano was forced out of the club. I was angry when we were thrashed by Southampton.

For that I feel bad. I feel bad because I should feel more, but I really just can't be bothered. I can't be bothered to be angry or sad or whatever else. Maybe that makes me a terrible supporter, I just know I don't feel what I am meant to feel anymore.

In a completely selfish sort of way I am looking forward to life in the Championship. Let's face it, everyone expects us to find ourselves there next year, just check out I don't buy into the notion that relegation is good for the club, relegation is a terrible thing, but from a selfish point of view it'll be nice to just not have to watch us fail so miserably at top flight football for a little bit. It's tiring.

I think we have a decent crop of youngsters that will be able to step up when a good chunk of the first team move on. We know the likes of Jermain Defoe, Lamine Kone, Wahbi Khazri and Fabio Borini won't be here. The club will no doubt try desperately to move on the high earners like Lee Cattermole, Billy Jones and Jack Rodwell (amongst others). Lynden Gooch impressed me at the start of the campaign, Dunc the hero Watmore will return, George Honeyman will hopefully step up a bit and perhaps we will see why everyone raved about Joel Asoro when we first sealed his signature.

What worries me most about relegation is not that there will be away trips to Burton Albion, it's that David Moyes will probably still be here. Two games in and he'll declare another relegation battle. Yep, can't wait. Let me be totally fair on Dave, being a football manager is hard. I should know, I spent about a month of my own life meticulously going through pre-season in Football Manager 2011 with Sunderland only to lose 4-0 on the opening day at home to Bolton. Sometimes though you have to just accept when you're not up to the job.

As for the future, we can either take relegation as the opportunity some suggest it is - the opportunity to rebuild. Perhaps this will be where Moyes comes into his own, getting rid of players who, like me, clearly don't believe in him and perhaps find some who do. Stranger things have happened in football. Or maybe Moyes will leave for whatever reason and we have the chance to bring in an innovative manager instead of dull dinosaur that football has left behind. We can either do that, or accept relegation as where we belong and spend the next decade marooned in midtable with the odd disappointing play off campaign or flirt with League One football.

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