The Sunderland Lottery - the dullest Lottery ever

The Sunderland lottery is the most intense lottery you've ever experienced. So intense you may find yourself comatose within the off-season. Who will be the next Sunderland manager? Who will own the place by August? Who will be stupid enough to pay money for Fabio Borini?

I've never known a period of uncertainty like it. There are plenty of transfer rumours going around as there usually is at this time of year but it's difficult to take any of them seriously. The only well-founded Sunderland incoming saga was that of Derek McInnes whose promptly pied Martin Bain speaks volumes about the uncertainty.

Quite frankly a positive outcome from this summer seems as likely as winning whilst you play online lottery. Imagine rolling back 12 months and read how people expect Sunderland to finish closer to the bottom of the Championship table than the top in two years. The fall from grace has been catastrophic and immediate remedies just don't exist for this kind of implosion. Cheers Woy.

This summer has mirrored our relegation campaign in a way that drags sheer can't be bothered to care in a situation which we should really care very deeply about. Sunderland have confirmed that Short is selling up, or hoping to do so, and we'll find out just how desperate he is to do so. If we do find ourselves with new owners, it's because Short was desperate to get out. There's no 'good deal' to come out of this. So is he no deal is better than a bad deal? Or are we talking something has to be agreed? Given the truly farcical manner we've gone about righting last season's wrongs, I'm convinced Short will take pretty much anything to be shot of Sunderland. And quite frankly the feeling is completely mutual.

I'm going to play the lottery. I'm buying my ticket and making a prediction for what is to come next. Short will sell in two weeks. A manager will arrive immediately and we'll see a complete overhaul of the backroom staff at the club. It all happens far too close to the start of the season, so any new players and whoever is left after the pending exodus aren't prepared for the start of the season. We'll lose more often than anything else in the first ten games, before stabilising and just missing out on the play offs.

There we go. I'm always right too. I said PDC would make a good manager. Genuine Gmac quote right there.
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