It is NOT time to sack Simon Grayson - a couple of thoughts on why

After another dismal performance at the weekend many fans seem to have had enough and are calling for the club to sack yet another manager. But if, like me, you have had enough of seeing poor performances coupled with lack of effort and commitment from players, sacking Grayson is far from what you should be calling for.

There’s many problems currently at the club which are each contributing to failure to perform on the pitch. For starters, financial strains have restricted incomings at the Stadium of the Light over the summer, leaving Grayson with a fairly average squad to try and get playing well. Those of you who want him gone, do you propose that the club spends more of its money terminating yet another managers contract?

Secondly, if you look at our squad of players you’ll notice many of them have just joined the club since Grayson’s arrival, they’re his players who he’s chosen, who he believes he can get the best out of. Additionally, they’ve only been together a couple of months, it will take time in training and time out there on the pitch for the squad to gel and get to winning ways. 

These players also have very little championship experience between them and as we all know - and have seen - it’s a very difficult league. Who better to acclimatise this newly assembled group of players with a strong English core, than an English manager who’s spent the last two seasons successfully managing in the championship on a limited budget?

Now yes, we’ve started poorly and things must improve. But if we have learned anything from the past few seasons it should be that the constant chopping and changing of managers is not a long term solution. Consistency however, could just be.

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