Sunderland reportedly begin manager 'interviews' & outcome is starting to feel all too inevitable

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Ten days since Simon Grayson was sacked and seemingly Sunderland CEO Martin Bain is only now just about to commence 'interviewing' candidates for his replacement. This is only going to end one way. 

It's going to be Ally McCoist isn't it? 

This manager search now has an air of futile inevitability about it. Give it a few days and Martin Bain will emerge from which ever rock he's been hiding beneath to declare that after a painstaking search it proved difficult to attract the right calibre of boss at this stage of the season and so Sunderland are grateful that his former colleague and good friend Ally McCoist has graciously agreed to take over until May. 

The SAFC spin machine will attempt a few turns to talk up Ally's experience and Wearside connections (three decades ago as a kid), perhaps laud his achievements in restoring Rangers to their rightful place in the mighty Scottish league, then we'll all just give up and hope to god the season doesn't get any worse. 

And worse it might get. 

But if it is McCoist - his inevitable failure will bring down Bain and perhaps there will be some long term good to this horrific mess after all. Small mercies are all we might have left by the end of this horrible campaign. 

Of course Ally will be presented with scarf aloft donning that tarnished beam which last shone brightly around the time Question of Sport wasn't yet total crap and Patsy Kensit was still fit. 

The odds of McCoist taking over are steadily narrowing - down to 7/1 tonight from an earlier 10/1 and the 'most promising' candidates in an admittedly limited gene pool - Paul Heckingbottom and Nathan Jones - have ominously stated that they've still not heard a peep from Sunderland. They were most likely never going to. 

Right from the moment Grayson was met in the tunnel moments after the final whistle had gone in his final game, Bain has quite possibly had his mind made up that McCoist aided by Walter Smith in some consultancy capacity is the way to go. 

Of course Sunderland will have to be seen to conduct some form of recruitment exercise - after all it was only in the summer just gone that one national newspaper was mocking Bain for requesting CVs from candidates hoping to succeed David Moyes. It would be a poor show to not at least present a facade that some sort of process was undertaken for this one too. 

An interview process lasting a couple more days will be played out in the press - themselves merely second-guessing what's going on in the shadowy corridors of the Stadium of Light. 

Shame on Ellis Short if it does happen and McCoist is appointed. The apparently absent owner appeared this time last week to insist he does still care about what happens at Sunderland AFC and that he really is as involved as he's ever been. Right. 

The papers have been insistent Short will veto Bain's choice of McCoist. Heaven knows what his appointment will say about the power shift at Sunderland should the chief executive usurp the owner in choosing this manager. 

Some will argue it might not be all bad, the proof will be in the pudding should Ally be in the dugout for the visit of Millwall next weekend - and of course that's true. 

After all the man with no experience whatsoever of managing in English football or in the Championship specifically has been boss at a club even more farcical than Sunderland. Maybe that will count for something. But it's not much of a claim to stake really is it? Hardly a boast to base an interview presentation upon. 


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