QUIZ! How well do you know football anthems & team songs?

If there’s one thing that football fans do well, it’s coming up with chants, songs, and anthems for their teams. 'God took Messi and Pele' and 'For Brazil they should play Danny Collins' are among  my personal favourites fromt the SoL.

 The chants are usually adaptations of popular songs and are used to encourage the home team or slight the opposition. When placing bets on the Betfair football betting site, ‘home advantage’ is a factor which many take into consideration. One of the many reasons for this advantage is that the team has the fans on their side, giving them a psychological edge over their opponents.


Chants like ‘Glory Glory’ are sung to cheer on their team, whilst other chants like “You’re Not Singing Any More” are used to unnerve the opposition team and fans. Whilst general chants are used the most often, there are also chants and songs which are specific to one team. It’s not just club teams which have had dedicated songs. In 1996, the single ‘Three Lions’ was released to mark England’s participation in Euro 1996.


If your knowledge on football songs and anthems is good, then you should get a relatively high score on this quiz. Give it a try and see how many you can get correct! (FYI this quiz is not Sunderland specific - so perhaps you away day addicts will have a slight advantage!)

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