Snap Poll: How will you 'welcome' Lewis Grabban back to Sunderland tomorrow - Cheers or Jeers?

He's back! The manner of Lewis Grabban's exit from Sunderland in January continues to fill up column inches with Chris Coleman laying into Villa's new striker again today. Curious to gauge the mood - vote below to tell us how will you welcome the Black Cats top scorer back to the SoL tomorrow night. 

Lewis Grabban banged in 12 goals in 20 games during his four month stint at Sunderland. The Bournemouth loanee will undoubtedly finish the season as the Black Cats top scorer, but the way he sidled out of the Stadium of Light continues to leave a bad taste in some quarters - most notably with Chris Coleman. 

So how will he be welcomed back to Wearside tomorrow night - with a round of polite applause or rivalling Steve Bruce as the least popular face at the SoL?

The five point case for a swift round of polite applause: 
  1. He has been the only player who's found the net regularly for us all season; 
  2. Without his goals, we would have been relegated already; 
  3. Can't blame him for capitalising on his form to get a better move; 
  4. It didn't seem like he was going to fit Chris Coleman's style; 
  5. With our financial constraints and impending relegation, we could offer him nowt long term. 

The five point case for getting on his case:

  1. He sidled away and left us right in the clarts without anyone who can score; 
  2. His abandonment of the club which restored his reputation has us staring down the barrel of League One; 
  3. His (alleged) 'see ya' routine behind Chris Coleman's back leaves a bad taste; 
  4. Merely the latest 'user' to not give two hoots about Sunderland AFC; 
  5. He signed for Mrs Doubtfire of all people (he got us to tenth ya knar). 
Coleman has taken another swipe at Grabban today by suggesting the 30-year-old much travelled striker rocked up at Martin Bain's office to announce he was off and didn't bother speaking with the Sunderland manager. 

Grabban was supposed to be making the most of a run of form which had restored his reputation - after he couldn't get a game for Bournemouth - and was said to be seeking a permanent move in January to sort out his long term future. In the end, he merely spotted another loan opportunity and joined up with Steve Bruce till the end of the season. 

So snap poll time - how will you welcome Grabban at the SoL?
Cheers 👍
Jeers 👎
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