Reaction to SoL tier closure sums up Sunderland - no one gives a toss & this is not a 'good' thing

Having become concerned they hadn't given the nation anything to mock us for since about Tuesday, Sunderland decided to announce today that they're closing the Premier Concourse next season. Worst of all, those of a red-and-white persuasion have barely battered an eyelid. No one gives a toss. 

Bar those kicked out, does anyone give a toss then?
The mild disinterest taken by Sunderland supporters at the announcement the club will close its 'Main Stand' upper tier next season doesn't half sum up the disdain with which even the most ardent red-and-white supporter views the mess at the Stadium of Light these days. 

Aside from the poor sods who are having to give up seats they've sat in for - in many cases - donkey's years, there's certainly been no eyebrows raised nor suggestion that the club should reconsider or consult further with fans.

No one gives a toss; and whilst a few will nod sagely and express their satisfaction that SAFC have saved a few quid, there's not many football fans out there who can truly say the cleaning / policing / stewarding bill at their club is one of their prime concerns. 

A decision which will probably noted more by the Mags than our own....
The decision to bin off the Premier Concourse will be greeted by a few Newcastle fans with glee of course - chortling at the appropriate closure of the area which harks back to a decade in the Prem - the promised land we'll probably not see again in our lifetime. You know that type though, the ones who still think "Stadium of Shite" is a witty play on words. 

Apathy is a much repeated - if overused - adjective to describe the prevailing mood on Wearside towards the football club which stinks out the city of Sunderland; but it's worth noting the reaction of other supporters around the country to previous news of their own clubs deciding to close portions of their grounds.

Are we unique in not being bovvered?

Bolton Wanderers put on hold the decision to close the upper tiers of their North and East stands in 2016 to consult further with the club's supporters after receiving a mixed reaction to the news. At the time, the Trotters claimed the main cost saving would be that associated with cleaning in the affected areas of the ground but many fans in Lancs were simply angered by the notion. 

Hull City tried to close a section of the KCOM a few years ago but initially backed down after a backlash from fans, though once the initial anger had died down, the Allams swiftly decided to do it anyway a year later. And Aston Villa supporters got quite upset when their club decided to close the Upper Trinity Stand following relegation from the Premier League in 2016. Those in Claret saw the move as yet another white flag waving exercise from their then-troubled regime and rattled their sabres at the idea. 

North of the border, when Dunfermline shut the North Stand at East End Park, the SPL club estimated it would save £20,000 per season. The unpopular decision didn't stay in force for long and it was rescinded a year later following sustained representations from former inhabitants who offered to pay over and above the usual match day ticket price to view games from their favoured spot. 

No more peaceful half time pissing then....
Uprooting supporters who have been in residence in a certain part of ground is no small matter in truth. So what are the 'roof dwellers' going to miss most next season?

Having been up the Concourse a few times in recent years, I can see the appeal. The view is completely different to the lower bowl and the whole match day experience is subtly different to that of those below. The convivial air amongst those up a height has been a most pleasant affair and the usual arduous task of getting a pint so much simpler than that down in the more populous concourses. 

Notably, upon my most recent climb up into the 'gods' it was particularly pleasant to enjoy a half time piss in relative solitude and there's a decent atmosphere up there in some regards by virtue of being on the same level as the away fans (who are usually the only section with anything to sing about these days). 

But what should really rankle - unless I've missed something - is why the club seemingly haven't bothered to consult the fan base widely on this decision. Aside from mooting it as a badly kept secret, the Bain regime seemingly just couldn't be arsed to try and gain the views of fans in any formal manner. Another arrogant decision by a hierarchy whose absolute worst nightmare is listening to its 'customers' then. 

Quite frankly, given the utter state of what's served up on the pitch these days, forcing those poor sods who used to be a little remoter from the pitch than most of us to get 'closer to the action' is akin to an act of torture. 

Nah, unless reducing cleaning costs is what gets you off, it's hard to see any reason to think this is a actually a particularly good thing. And how many days will it be until news leaks out that some more cleaners are to be laid off then...?  

And how many more decisions which fans should be consulted on will be rushed through in the next few months to capitalise on the fact no one has much stomach anymore to discuss Sunderland AFC?
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