Would another consortium really be the way to go for Sunderland?

ALRIGHT...alright! You got us. Li Tie is not going to be Sunderland Emperor, Sunderland doesn't have an airport, no Chinese consortium is taking over (that we're aware of) and, yes, John O'Shea doesn't speak Mandarin. However...

All of the takeover tittle tattle thus far has focused around a consortium taking over. The latest, and perhaps the one with the most substance behind it, is a local consortium outed in a little more detail by the ALS lads on Twitter. However, the German and Chinese previously linked - it's all about consortiums. Is that a good thing? 


The Drumaville Consortium's three-year stint at the club was arguably the most successful, stress-free and enjoyable periods in the club's recent history. Under the stewardship of Sir Niall, financially backed by Irish businessmen and local multi-millionaire John Hays (yes, of Hays Travel), Sunderland tore apart the Championship and built a foundation in the Premier League. The promotion season was an incredible time to be a Sunderland fan - miss ya Keano.

They were always set up for the short term, it seems. Buy the club at rock bottom price, turn it into a Premier League one and rake in some profit. I'm sure the process was a little more complicated than that but it worked, fair play to them all. Now we need another one.

The most appealing thought behind a consortium is that we wouldn't be reliant on one person making ridiculous decisons. We all know how that goes. If you have idiot in charge, he could give huge transfer warchests to slimey agents, hire crooked Chief Execs and, worst of all, give David Moyes a job. 

With a consortium, you'd suspect there'd be more level-headed thinking, less knee-jerk cover ups and some genuine stability (there's that awful word again). 

Whether or not we like the thought of it, every professional football club is now a business and all should primarily be ran as one. If you muck up the business side of things, it always transpires onto the pitch and you end up with back-to-back relegations and Lee Camp on loan in goal. A few businessmen to take care of off the field, a few football-men to take care of on the field and you have a recipe for success. It's something we've all talked about. Sunderland has been ran into the ground on and off the pitch and it's going to take more than a few passionate minds to drag us out of what the dog leaves behind.

If we are to believe what we read, the German consortium wanted to auction off the club's assets (i.e. the SoL, the AoL) which is a frightening prospect. Nobody knows an awful lot about the Chinese noses sniffing around yet the 'local' consortium is a rumour already well dissected. Where's the truth? Who is interested? Wouldn't it be incredible if Li Tie did turn up after today? 

I won't be reading too much into tonight's 'revelations'. Not that I am suggesting it isn't true, it certainly feels like there is weight behind it, but there isn't anything of substance to cling onto. It's so vague you could even suggest Short will still have his fingers in the pie for a while. 

Instead, I'll be taking inspiration from this, Friday's fantastic win and the help of several double Juras to make the SoL rock. Hope to see you there - if you can get there - and that the Lads give us plenty to gan mental about.

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