3 Reasons Why Sunderland Can Be a Decent Club Once Again

Sunderland now have the unwanted record of suffering relegation in two successive seasons after they were relegated from the English Premier League last year and now of the Championship table.

The situation has become so painfully hopeless for Sunderland fans that it seems like their club couldn't win a match even if they were given a head start of one or two goals. In fact, many people who follow the Championship very closely have even went on and started handicap betting on all matches in which Sunderland take part. This has proven to be quite productive for punters as Sunderland pick so few wins which come so far in-between that betting against them is the only sensible option.   

However, Sunderland are a big club and it is likely that they will turn this situation around sooner rather than later and here are 3 reasons why they can return to being a decent club once again.


Good Academy

Sunderland's football academy is that of a Premier League side and not that of a Championship or League One team. This means that they can just rely on the players in their youth academy, give them time to develop in the lower league matches and then reap the benefits from the experience they gain from playing week in week out.

Furthermore, youngsters like George Honeyman and Lynden Gooch may prove to be the future of Sunderland with the right guidance and tutoring and if the clubs decides to build around them and add a couple more players, who knows what the future might hold for Sunderland. They may even follow the path of Wolves and climb divisions in successive seasons.


Faithful and Numerous Support

When in 1999 a Sunderland reserve game against Liverpool drew a crowd of 33,517 it was one of the many examples which showed that Sunderland had some of the most faithful supporters when even Sunderland reserve games could draw much bigger crowds than Premier League games for other clubs. In fact, in that period of time only Liverpool and Manchester United had higher attendance than Sunderland and this was evidence enough that clubs with much lower financial resources could get the same support that super rich clubs get.

This fan base has since diminished and the number of supporters visiting Sunderland matches is decreasing with every passing week and each bad result. However, the potential for a crowd resurgence is still there and the young children which got free tickets to visit that Liverpool reserves game can now lead their club as adults into the Premier League once again.


Football Culture

Back in 1999 Sir Bob Murray said: "We want to be a national club, a household name, perhaps everyone's second favourite team." This may still come true as the football culture is there in Sunderland and they are one of the best representatives of how football is played in the North. As such they are deserving of a place in the top tier.

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