Sifting the headlines: Colback speaks ahead of the derby and Big Sam commits himself to Sunderland

After a quiet few Sunderland news days with the lull in matches, it’s going to be all go ahead of the high stakes derby this weekend.

by Brandon_Rawlin Tuesday, 15 March 2016 05:28 PM Comments

After aquiet few Sunderland news days with the lull in matches, it’s going to be allgo ahead of the high stakes derby this weekend.



Colback Says Newcastle “owe” Sunderland one.

With fivedays to go, Jack Colback has become Magpie spokesman ahead of Newcastle vSunderland this weekend. Master of the understatement, Jack is quoted in the Chronicleas saying;

“Obviously we haven’t won in a while against them”.

That’ll be fiveyears Jack. Before issuing his rallying cry,

“We certainly owe them one in thatrespect”.
It’s notclear whether Jack is good enough at maths to work out who he personally owesand how much, having featured in a red and white shirt for four of the last sixSunderland derby wins.

Colback avoided a yellow card last night which would have seen him miss the derby and is likely to continue at left back in the magpie’s make shift backfour. Big Sam may see this as an opportunity to exploit Sunderland’s optionsdown the right with Colback not seeming to offer much more than a few defensiveinterceptions against Leicester last night.

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Big Sam expresses mild surprise at NeilLennon’s departure from Bolton

Quoted inthe Bolton Newsas being "a little surprised" to learn Neil Lennon has left Bolton, Sam Allardyce ponders the vacancy, backing bookies' favourite Phil Brown for the job and reiterating his affection for the club,

“I can certainly see Phil Brown as an option – he iscertainly a man who loves Bolton as much as I do”.
Bolton have been a club incrisis recently but the article concludes that Big Sam distanced himself fromany move back to Bolton saying;

“I have got big commitments and all of myfocus is on trying to make sure that Sunderland stay in the Premier League”.

But, whatprice a future that contrives a set of factors that might lure him back? A perfectstorm, comprising a successful stint at Sunderland to further enhance his reputation;new investment and money available at Bolton; and a glorious return to a finaljob in football to the club where he made such a name for himself alongside thatvery same Phil Brown? Probably the type of thing Big Sam dreams about at night that. After another famous 3-0 victory on Sunday that is.