Seven Sunderland players out please Mr Donald - who might stay of the ones that are left?

Despite things looking up since Stewart Donald took over, it is no secret that a majority of the current Sunderland squad want to leave, but but how many of these players would we even want to keep?

by Molly_Burke Tuesday, 19 June 2018 06:55 PM Comments

Stewart Donald has made it very clear that most of the squad want to go elsewhere. This is no surprise, with our club having been plagued with terrible attitudes and a lack of motivation for a long time. It is very clear that we need a fresh start to bring in players that actually want to play for the shirt, but should we be trying to keep any of our current players? 


Paddy McNair

Despite struggling with injuries during his time at the club, the Northern Ireland international had a superb end to the season - the only positive taken from our disastrous campaign in the Championship. He grabbed four goals in six games and was beginning to show us exactly what he's capable of when he is fully fit.

Keeping McNair would have been the ideal start to this summer, but it does look certain he is to leave leave, with teams like Middlesbrough and Brighton already trying to snap him up. 

Lynden Gooch

Our relegation to the Championship gave Lynden Gooch the opportunity to impress and he was handed numerous starts in the team, becoming one of the very few players that showed passion and determination during a terrible season. 

I have no doubt that Gooch would be exceptional in League One and the attitude of the American is exactly what we need. While he is California-born, he has been with the club for over ten years and it is clear he has become a Sunderland fan just like the rest of us.

Despite Gooch's name not being mentioned as one of the few that want to stay in the North East, his love for the club and his 'liking' of tweets encouraging him to stay suggests he may be prepared to stick around. 

George Honeyman

George Honeyman became an extremely important player last season, becoming our top scorer with seven goals. Similar to Gooch, he thrived in the Championship and his attitude and commitment to his boyhood club helped to get the backing of the fans. 

Opinions on the midfielder have always been split, but I don't think he recieves the praise he deserves and he would be very important in our bid for promotion.

However, with rumours flying around that he is looking for a move, persuading him to stay in his hometown could prove difficult.

Duncan Watmore

Following our relegation from the Premier League, most Sunderland fans were excited about the prospect of Duncan Watmore in the Championship, with the belief that he would have an impressive season for us. However, the winger only managed six appearances before suffering a recurrence of the crucial knee ligament injury that ended his season the year before too. 

So we will never know what Watmore could have done in the Championship, however the thought of him in the league below is rather exciting. It is likely that a few clubs will be after the 24-year-old and with his injury problems, I don't think I would be too disappointed if we cashed in on him, but keeping him would be a bonus. 

Donald Love 

I remember when we signed Donald Love a couple of years ago and it all just seemed like one big joke. Donald Love? Seriously? It seemed like a shocking buy, and to an extent, we were all right. For a majority of the full back's Sunderland career he has been very, very poor and we seemed better off without him.

However, towards the end of the season Love's performances began to turn around and, despite the fact we were conceding goal after goal, Love actually started playing well. 

I honestly think the Scotsman will stay on Wearside and continue to get better, hopefully becoming an important player for us going into next season.

Joel Asoro

Joel Asoro is too good for us, and that is exactly why we need to do everything we can to keep him. It took a while for Asoro to become a starter for us last season, but when he did play more often he was very impressive and it is clear he has so much potential.

A player of his quality in League One would be unbelievable, and of course he's still only 19. Keeping the youngster would be brilliant business.

However, there's likely to be a host of clubs after him, and I'm pretty convinced the idea of returning to the Premier League or Championship would be hard for Asoro to turn down. Personally, I think staying with Sunderland would be good for him as he continues to improve, whilst if he moved it is unlikely he would get the game time. But, as a 19-year-old boy with his agent yelling in his ear, I don't think it will be long before he is heading for the exit.

Josh Maja 

Similar to Asoro, Maja clearly has bags of potential and League One would be perfect for the striker. Realistically, we probably should have sent Maja out on loan last season and he clearly wasn't up to the challenge in the Championship, however our lack of attackers prevented that. 

However, now that we are in the third tier Maja could be handed the opportunity to prove himself and impress. Whether the 19-year-old is keen to continue fighting for his place and for the club in League One when he could go for a safer option elsewhere, who knows?



Bryan Oviedo

As much as I do quite like Oviedo and he has never been particularly terrible for us, it is clear he doesn't have the best attitude towards the club and if we want to get rid of all that then he has to go. He has already spoken to the media giving the impression that he is keen to leave but I can't imagine we will be particularly desperate to keep him.

Whilst we are no longer struggling financially, if offered decent money for Oviedo's services then I think cashing in on the left-back would definitely be the best option.

Lee Cattermole

Lee Cattermole used to be a fan favourite back in the days where he was making superb tackles left, right and centre and the whole of Sunderland were calling for him in an England shirt. You would rarely go a whole 90 minutes at the SoL without hearing his name being chanted. 

But as our club gradually became a laughing stock, so did he - if anything he was worse in the Championship than in the Premier League! I would never be able to dislike Cattermole and as much as I want to say he would do a good job in League One, I'm not sure I believe that. There's also the case of his wage which is quite a lot for a player of his ability - or lack of. 

I would be sad to see Cattermole leave but I think it's certainly time for both the fans and the player to move on. 

Lamine Kone 

There's not much to say about Lamine Kone because I think it's pretty self explanatory. Why would anyone want to keep him? If only we realised this back when Everton were bidding eight digits for him. 

Whilst he wasn't our worst player last season, his attitude stinks and we were naive to think anything would change back when he handed in a transfer request only six months after signing for the club. We have seen what he is capable of when he first came to Sunderland, so it's not hard to see just how lazy and selfish he is when his performances aren't even half as good as they were. 

Kone has always made it clear that he doesn't want to be here and I think it's finally time to let him leave. While we won't be getting £18 million from Everton anymore, I imagine it will still be a hefty sum for a League One club. 

Wahbi Khazri 

I did always like Khazri and you couldn't deny that he wasn't a talented player, but it just never clicked for him here. When he first arrived he looked bright and pulled off some impressive performances - in particular our 2-1 win over Manchester United. However, Khazri was in and out of the team and once we got relegated there was no way a player like him was dropping down to the Championship. While he wasn't amazing for us it was clear that he was capable of doing well at another club, maybe one that wasn't in such a mess like we were.

After Khazri's very successful loan spell with Rennes, his departure this summer won't come as a surprise to any Sunderland fans and hopefully the Tunisian will have a decent World Cup to improve his price tag.

Didier Ndong 

During our last season in the Premier League I was a big fan of Ndong. I thought he had so much potential and, for a while, seemed to give 100% for the team. However, once we were relegated he no longer seemed to care about playing for Sunderland - if anything he really did not want to play, eventually getting a straight red card against Cardiff City and not playing for the club again.

Unlike Khazri, Ndong's loan spell to Watford was extremely unsuccessful, with the midfielder failing to even make a single appearance for The Hornets. However this won't put off Ndong looking for a permanent move away from Wearside, with the 23-year-old having already been close to signing for Torino, but the deal unfortunately was abandoned due to his wage demands. 

The fee Torino were apparently prepared to pay for Ndong was £6.6m, and whilst that is dramatically less than what we paid for him, we can't really expect much more. 

Aiden McGeady

Aiden McGeady was one of our better players last season but seemed to be incredibly inconsistent. Some weekends he would run his socks off, pull off tricks and provide assists. He scored some lovely goals too, but when it came to his bad patches he was very poor, often becoming invisible for the whole 90 minutes.

I doubt McGeady is going to want to drop down to League One and is likely to think he is too good for the third tier, which to an extent I believe. I think he could still do well in the Championship and that is exactly why the likes of Bristol City are after him.

McGeady is also 32-years-old and isn't going to get any better, so I don't think he would be much of a loss if he was to go elsewhere.

Jack Rodwell

I left the worst one till last - the one I really really really want to leave.

Jack Rodwell is a terrible human being. Not only is he a shocking footballer and massively injury prone, he's also selfish, lazy and money-obsessed. The only reason he is still at the club is because he's raking in £££ for doing aboslutely nothing, and he loves it. 

I know for certain that getting rid of the midfielder (if you can even call him one) will be a priority this summer, but I just really hope he doesn't find another club who will just throw more money at him. There's not many footballers I dislike more than that scumbag. 







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