Sunderland fan media is taking centre stage so get on board with this excellent opportunity for a few quid

Not so long ago it was an absolute chore writing about Sunderland.

by GMac88 Sunday, 22 July 2018 12:24 PM Comments

Now it's not! And, with fan media starting to take centre stage ahead of your run-of-the-mill journalists what better time to get your fingers moving for Sunderland? Like I imagine any other Sunderland fan media outlet right now, We Are Wearside are getting more hits per article than ever before - so why not get on board?

Last week we launched our second writers competition after the success of last year's, and we've had some canny contributions already. The best article, assuming one reaches the standard we are looking for, we receive will earn the lucky writer a neat weekend £50 bonus 'cause we're nice like that.

It's a perfect opportunity whether you are plying your trade in creative writing - not necessarily specific to journalism - or just fancy it as a hobby. We're a relaxed bunch here, so if you were to join in you'd have free reign (almost, anyway) on what you do and when pretty much. Our current experienced crop have plenty of self-implied wisdom you may find useful too.

Entering is easy as owt, just drop me an email [email protected] with your article entry, name and Twitter handle. Equal opportunities and all that good stuff, you don't need to be a particular age, gender, ethnicity, hairstyle, weight, heigh, blah, blah, blah. An ability to string a few sentences together will do, a bit of witt always goes down well with me.

If you want to read the terms they can be found here. Please do get in touch if you reckon this is for you - [email protected].