The Sunderland dressing room - attacker's 'pledge' is the first real indication Sunderland are set for a good season

Stewart Donald told our friends at Roker Report that Aiden McGeady wants to stay at Sunderland - which is arguably the biggest positive to come out of a summer of uncertainty.

by GMac88 Thursday, 19 July 2018 07:00 PM Comments

The takeover was a good thing. Absolutely. The new owners have done a lot to re-engage the fan base and few could argue they've done a poor job at that. However, on the pitch matters have been a concern with the expected exodus seeming unrelenting and just a splattering of uninspiring freebies coming in to bolster the squad.

There's plenty of time yet in the transfer window so it would be wrong to dismiss the summer's activity as disappointing just yet, but McGeady's desire to stay stands out more than any of the incomings or outgoings so far.

Let's be honest McGeady is alright, a good creative outlet that should have League One defenders a little concerned. You couldn't really say he was any better than alright on the back of last season, but he was one of the players I fully expected to scarper this summer. It's not necessarily his footballing ability that I'm citing as the good bit here.

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Whilst he still may have his head turned if the right club come in, his stance as one of the bigger names still here stands against the tide and, to me at least, represents the first real indication that things may not be that bad in the dressing room at SAFC. He is probably one of the only 'big names' who I'd really want to stay, given he has ability and isn't on an extortionate wage. Unlike Catts, who has been atrocious and is paid a fortune.

The pessimist within me has swallowed all of the positive fan re-engagement as a way to appease fans rather than anything else. Pessimism is always second nature to me as far as Sunderland are concerned. It's deep-rooted. A bit of the 'if it's too good to be true it probably is'.

But, if things are right in the dressing room - as this McGeady news might suggest - maybe it all is as good as it seems. Maybe it's time to release the pessimist within me, and you too if that applies to you as well.

It's all about football at the end of the day and whatever Donald does and doesn't say will play second and third fiddle to that of Jack Ross and what the players do on the pitch 04 August in the fresh looking Stadium of Light. 

That's no disrespect to Mr Donald and I'm pretty sure he'd hope that would be the case himself.


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