The weekend in quotes; who has said what about Matthews, McGeady, Juan Satori and Tottenham

People say a lot about Sunderland, even in League One. So here's a catch up on who has said what over the weekend to make sure you haven't missed anything...

by GMac88 Monday, 10 September 2018 07:23 PM Comments


Barton on the penalty;

"The ref was good, although he should have sent their lad off when he gave away a penalty, he was on a yellow. Technically it should have been off."

I'm not sure if there's a lot to disagree with here, not confidently anyway, you could certainly understand Adam Matthews receiving a second yellow card. If it wasn't in the penalty area - he probably would have had a second yellow. The referee Darren Drysdale was a little more lenient deemed the penalty sufficient punishment for Sunderland, which I think is also a fair enough assessment. Not every decision in football is clear cut. Thankfully, Fleetwood couldn't capitalise.


Jack Ross on Sunderland's slow starts in the wake of Fleetwood draw;

“In that early period we have to deal with the messy side of the game better. Winning headers and tackles and set pieces in that period. Every game that passes we will learn to cope with how teams have a go when they come here. It is done through learning and training.”

I think Ross is sort of right here, but I also think there is a bit of stubbornness with the way we play and we need to react better to what the opposition is doing (particularly at the start of games). Pressing, tackling - it's all part and parcel of League One football, it shouldn't surprise any of our players. A big problem is a lack of outlet to support the defence when we are under the cosh, something which Charlie Wyke would provide. 


Barton on SAFC's situation;

"It was a fantastic occasion, it's a good football club. I've enjoyed a healthy rivalry with them over the years, it's sad to see them in the state they've been in but Jack Ross has done a fantastic job so far."

Healthy probably isn't the word Joey, but I get that you need to act a bit more professional as a manager now. 


Ross on Aiden McGeady;

“His quality is proven, undoubtedly at a higher level than this, I know that from playing against him from when I was a player and obviously the level that he’s played at in his career since, so when he comes back he just strengthens us again,”

McGeady's return would make it much easier to drop Chris Maguire. Unfortunately. no-one else currently fit seems to be able to take a set piece (as displayed so clearly by Lynden Gooch and George Honeyman in the second half on Saturday). McGeady can take a set-piece, he's also better than Maguire, who has shown massive inconsistency so far in his short Sunderland career and would probably benefit from a 'rest'. I think McGeady might be too much for this league if he fancies a good crack at it when fit.


Joel Asoro on Tottenham link;

“We sat talking to Tottenham and they said they could not promise anything about playing time. Then I felt I could not make that choice. It does not hurt to have higher pay, but I thought more about playing."

"It does not hurt to have higher pay" made me chortle somewhat. Reading between the lines, this is absolutely about pay and nothing more. Spurs probably don't fancy shelling out big wages on players that they want to stockpile their under 23s, whilst Swansea have bigger plans for Asoro and subsequently didn't mind throwing a few more notes at the Swede.


Jon McLaughlin on Sunderland's potential this season;

"There wouldn’t be many clubs in this position in the league still knowing that there is so much more that we can put out there and so much better that we can get. We’re under no illusions but we also know that if we can get the work right, then we should be unstoppable.”

Too rights mate.


Stewart Donald on the Roker Rapport podcast

Donald typically filled us in on absolutely loads of SAFC goodness in his latest appearance. Including our dive into the South American market, Juan Satori's impact, Papy Djilobodji's gross misconduct and a whole host of other stuff. You don't need me to quote it, just go listen if you haven't already.