At least we aren't sinking! War room required for Donald to transform Sunderland again

Still a ship with no direction...but at least we aren’t sinking.

by Daniel_Kendal Monday, 14 October 2019 02:48 PM Comments



Once again we have paid entry into the manager merry go round as we wave goodbye to Jack Ross and are now, once again, seeking a new direction. Stewart Donald has left twitter and the investment is reportedly on the rocks. Where do Sunderland go from here?


While the sacking of Ross wasn’t a complete surprise, it was still disappointing to see another manager go. I defended Jack a lot and always backed him but it did feel there was something missing. We always looked dangerous, like we could’ve turned teams over 4-0 easily, but never did. I don’t think it was purely a performance based sacking or a results based sacking. It was just too risky to not get promoted.

I think the Scot will find his feet elsewhere in management and I hope he does become successful because he’s got talent, but I think there was just too much at stake for him to play his kind of football. Last season when things didn’t go so well there was a toxic atmosphere that sank in. It’s coming back with a vengeance and I don’t envy the players one bit to be playing at the Stadium of Light. 

Whoever comes in next, from the word go needs to be pushing the rhetoric of “We are going up” and give this team a bit of belief. We need positivity and someone who can get the best out of the players. Who that is...I honestly don’t know...there is no outstanding candidate for me. 

There’s talk of Kevin Phillips either as manager or as an assistant but that doesn’t tempt me. I love super Kev and always will but the club is in turmoil, let’s be honest about that. He doesn’t need to drag himself down into this situation.

The Black Cats are severely lacking direction. Stewart and Charlie always seem to say similar things but never matching statements. I think they need to make sure they’re on the same page as each other. The potential investment needs to be sorted as well. I think executives and the new coaching staff need to go into a “war room” and put a plan together about where this club will be in 5 years time. Right now, it seems to be going nowhere and this isn’t helping the atmosphere. 

I am sick to death of reading and hearing about the “potential” of Sunderland A.F.C and how it could be a “massive club”. we were so close to it with Peter Reid and that came from giving a manager time and money to build a squad. 

I think could help enormously, as an alternative, is a director of football. Les Reid transformed Southampton as a director of football. It would be nice to get someone similar here.

In my book we have just over 3 and half years to achieve Premier League football before we become a Nottingham Forrest or a Leeds United. This club is broken at the minute. It needs TLC, it needs investment, it needs success and it needs its fans back. So the pressure is well truly on. 

So, over to you Mr Donald and Mr Methven.