"Like a sleeping Ostrich," "Does he practice ball control?" - Sunderland fans scathing review of performance in our player ratings

Dear me. Time isn't making the dreadful draw with Bolton seem any less dreadful.

by GMac88 Monday, 23 September 2019 09:39 AM Comments

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Jack Ross appears to be on the brink after supporters deemed the performance and result against Bolton collectively unacceptable. It does seem now an untenable situation for the former St Mirren man, but he is still in the job and I suspect that will stay that way at least until the takeover is complete.

Aiden McGeady's last minute penalty was hardly a moment to celebrate, but it was at least a point where there should have been none. That's all I can muster for a silver lining.

And to make things seem even better, we've got the results from our player ratings. With the 'Man of the Match' achieving a miserable 5.2, I think you can guess the general theme of the comments that were left. Here we go, from last to first, each player's ratings and a couple of comments to go with them.

13th (and last place): Denver Hume - 2.8
Has ability but can't defend. Torn apart and hooked at half time AGAIN. Hume was a shoe in to be first choice left back all summer. Ross and the recruitment team have completely mismanaged the full back positions this season...no clean sheets a coincidence? Dire stuff all round. - Anonymous

Great going forward but defends like a sleeping ostrich - Martin Robson


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12th: Will Grigg - 3
Am I the only person who looked at the team sheet yesterday and thought “no goals there then, Bolton might win this”? Sack Jack Ross and send Grigg with him, they are clearly made for each other. - Ross Out

No confidence. Somethings wrong here, overweight too. - Kyle

11th: Conor McLaughlin - 3.4
Oh for a Makin or Bardsley, a worse right back than Donald Love - Dale Robson

Seems to be having a torrid time but Ross needs to decide on his best back four and stick with it. - Anonymous

10th: Charlie Wyke - 3.6

Not given enough time. You'd have thought JR would have gone for 2 up front, against a side thrown together in 8 hours and hadn't played together twice, bottom of the league and 12 points adrift. Jack Ross - " Here lads, well help you out" - Agent Ashleys Bank Account

In his 2 appearances since his suspension he has looked well off the pace - Stuart

9th: Lynden Gooch - 3.7
Headless chicken runs around doesn’t create anything or do anything - Steven Cowbrough

Poor, can't get his head up and look, makes the wrong decisions most of the time - Dread Nought

8th: Tom Flanagan - 3.8
How can I drop Oz and play Marlon Dingel? - Frank

Does he practice ball control in training? Too many passes astray - JBK

7th: Grant Leadbitter - 4.4
A few good balls doesn't disguise he's slow, and we need to stop giving him the ball 5 yards from the centre-backs. Not mobile enough to play the system Ross appears to be favouring. In the team for corners alone. - Anonymous

He needs help legs are going. - John H

=5th: George Dobson - 4.5
Tries, occasionally breaks up attacks. Contributes NOTHING going forward. Dithers for ages then passes behind someone. Cannot see why he continually gets decent ratings - Dave

Shows promise but still has a lot to learn. Is he any better than Ethan Robson? - Anonymous

=5th: Jon McLaughlin - 4.5
Horrendous positioning again for their goal. - Anonymous

Should have done better, terrible positioning for the goal and never moved for the shot which hit the post - Stuart

4th: Chris Maguire - 4.6
Why was he subbed? - coachees

Sometimes a victim of his own importance. - John H

3rd: Luke O'Nien - 4.8
Good last season but has been poor so far in this campaign. He is definitely not a full back and after his headless chicken routine on Tuesday, is Ross ruining another decent player? - Anonymous

100% as always. Shipped to every position because of that moron in charge. - Craig M

2nd: Jordan Willis - 5
Doing ok but Baldwin looked better this time last year! - From the outside looking in

Steady without being spectacular, but not helped by yet more changes at the back. - Anonymous

1st (and Man of the Match): Aiden McGeady - 5.2
Gets 5 because he scored pen, but if he’s bad we are hopeless - Dale Robson

Given our main tactic seems to be to give it to him even when he has 3 marking him he did ok. Shooting was off today though - Dave