Phil Parkinson used Players - the one thing Sunderland fans need right now

A manager is sacked, so what do we need? A quiz! Quiz! Quiz! Quiz!

by Sunderland_Stats Monday, 30 November 2020 09:21 PM Comments

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Parkiola has gone. His irresistable style of play would ultimately prove his downfall. His incredible charisma his achille's heal. His tactical flexibility his stumbling block. His willingness to use substitutes his fall from grace. 

Suprisingly, Phil Parkinson used a total of 45 players during his 13 month spell. I could've sworn it was 11.

Take a break from the rumours and suggestions of Sunderland's next manager - which will, I am sure, be announced shortly after the takeover becomes official. Can you name all 45? In 10mins? Click PLAY to have a crack below!